Melissa Milan, MD, MS

Melissa is an athlete, healer, and educator. She has a passion for personalized medicine that OPTIMIZES HEALTH and TREATS THE ROOT CAUSE. Her goal is to support your journey to become HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, AND STRONGER. 

Dr. Milan received her medical training at Georgetown University School of Medicine and underwent residency training in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine before finding her true passion for Functional Medicine. 

Prior to medical school, Dr. Milan received a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Economics at James Madison University and a Master’s of Science in Physiology & Biophysics. Dr. Milan spent two years between graduate school and medical school doing research on innovative treatments for breast cancer at Lombardi Cancer Research Center and at Northwestern University Medical Center. (Dr. Milan is a total NERD.)

Dr. Milan has been closely involved in the FITNESS and WELLNESS industry for over two decades as a personal trainer and coach before medical school and as a competitive athlete since childhood. She grew up running track and cross-country in high school, became a marathon runner in college, and placed nationally in many Olympic distance triathlons while in medical school and residency. She has competed in hundreds of mountain bike races and continues to train and race for a local mountain bike team based in Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. Milan is a native of Virginia and visits the East Coast regularly but she LOVES Colorado life! There aren’t many Front Range trails that she hasn’t ridden on her mountain bike (yay high alpine dirt!) and she loves the CHALLENGE of a new rock climbing route. She also adores her yoga mat and of course the Saturday night DANCE floor.

Dr. Milan looks forward to working with you to empower you to find optimal health!!!