Welcome to Fortitude Functional Medicine!

We have two main focuses at Fortitude Functional Medicine. One is to help those who are ill to reclaim their health through reclaiming their wellness. We believe, and the science shows, that nutrition, emotional health, a strong embodiment practice, and a healthy mind all contribute to eliminating illness and creating sustainable, life-long health. We work with all manner of chronic diseases, and teach our patients how to allow their bodies to come back into health, as naturally as possible. 

For those who are already healthy but looking to be in better health than they ever have, we can help them move into an optimal relationship with their body, nutrition, and exercise. From world-class competitive athletes to everyday men and women who want to perform better this year than last, we provide a full-spectrum of services and consultations to optimize your body and your mind. 

We work with local labs to create a full panel on all of our patients, so that we know not only the big things like overall cholesterol and hormone levels, but also smaller, vital information, such as how your body metabolizes the food and vitamins you ingest, how medications you're taking might be having unforeseen side-effects, and much more.  

We are partnered with several Functional Medicine laboratories which allow us to offer any test you’ll need. Some of the tests that we most commonly perform are listed below:

  • Stool testing (It’s all about the GUT!!)

  • Food sensitivity and allergy testing

  • Nutritional evaluation (Vitamin/mineral deficiencies)

  • Hormone testing (serum, urine, saliva)

  • Full thyroid panel

  • Metabolic and mitochondrial function testing

  • Oxidative stress profile

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Genetic testing for polymorphisms